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  • Jolly Phonics

    Jolly Phonics are classes suitable for students approximately ages 3 to 6 years old to learn the basic sounds of the English language. This is a fun singing class for students who are new to learning English. In Jolly Phonics classes, students are taught to read, write, and speak all of the English sounds.

    Jolly Phonics 英語拼音課程適合三至六歲的孩童去學習英語的基本發音,英國英語拼音課程加入了歌唱的元素,令孩童更快融入全英語的課堂中。Jolly Phonics英國英語拼音課程會教授學童如何閱讀英語、串寫英語,甚至學習如何英語的所有基本發音。

    About Us

    Crisyland was first established in 2004. In June 2011 Crisyland was then moved to Wah On Building becoming a education centre.



    - Partner school of Jolly Learning

    英國Jolly Learning認可伙伴學校

    Jolly Learning 官方網站

    - Hong Kong registered school, Registration No. 587001

    教育局註冊學校,註冊編號: 587001

    Our Philosophy

    A good teacher teaches children well. A better teacher motivates the children to self-motivate to do their best.



    Crisyland Base

    Crisyland Alpha

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    Jolly Phonics

    The class is activity based, with an emphasis on speaking. Jolly Phonics is taught in 50 lessons, 1 hour each.

    拼音課程著重活動教學,與此同時也著重學童的英語口語訓練。Jolly Phonics英國英語拼音課程總共50節課,每節課一小時。

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    Jolly Grammar

    Students learn to blend the sounds into syllables, and then syllables into words, finally combining the words into sentences.


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    Guided Reading 導向式閱讀

    Guided Reading classes are focused on improving reading skills.

    導向式閱讀A-Z 著重提升學童的閱讀技巧,達到學以致用的果效。

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    Oral and listening 會話與聆聽

    Benefits children aging from 5 to 10 years old to master their English through oral and listening.


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    Comprehension and Writing (Oxford University Press) 閱讀理解與寫作 (牛津大學出版社課程)
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    Co-curricular courses

    ・ 協辦課程 - iEd 萬里行教育學院

    ・ 協辦課程 – I Can Code

    ・ 分校課程 – 功課輔導班

    ・ 分校課程 – 專科強化班

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    Professional Service

    ・ Jolly Phonins Teacher Training

    - Jolly Phonics 導師訓練

    ・ Kindergarten Phonics Programs

    - 到校服務-幼稚園拼音課程

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