Who We Are

Crisyland was first established in 2004. In June 2011 Crisyland was then moved to Wah On Building becoming a fully licensed education centre. At Crisyland we have passionate about children and education for about 10 years, motivating New Territories’ Community.

Our director, Angela Iu (“Angela”), is an authorized Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer by Jolly Learning UK ( Founder and International Publisher). She is authorized to train teachers and students. Her mission is to share joy and benefits of Jolly Phonics with the teachers, parents and children.

Our System is comprised of experienced partners with local schools who respond aggressively to the educational needs of the local students. Families remember us because we deliver results!


我們的總監Angela 是Jolly Learning UK(創辦Jolly Phonics和國際出版社)認可的專業培訓導師。Angela致力培育老師和小孩,她的理想是將Jolly Phonics的好處和學習Jolly Phonics所帶來的喜悅,與老師、家長和小孩分享。




  • Motto 格言

    We Love. We Respect. We Care.


  • Vision 願景

    We strive to provide quality learning opportunities and outcomes for all children, with active participation in a safe, enjoyable and respectful environment.


Why Us?

A good teacher teaches children well. A better teacher motivates the children to self-motivate to do their best.


At Crisyland, we believe children learn best with structure and rules. Our students learn to follow our structure very quickly. We also believe that spreading love in the classroom is the most effective teaching method. We do so by providing a warm, fun environment for the students. This combination of structuring and nurturing our students’ education creates bright students with a passion for learning.


Core Beliefs 十大宗旨

  • 01. We believe that Crisyland is a place to learn and use English. (讓孩童學習和運用英語)
  • 02. We are committed in supporting the language learning goals of all children regardless of age, gender or social-economic status. (致力扶助每一位小朋友達成他們的語言學習目標,無分年齡、性別和經濟背景)
  • 03. We support the social justice principles of access, fairness, compassion, diversity, integrity and equality. (支持社會公義原則。在多樣性、富同情心、重誠信、公平和平等的情況下教育所有孩童)
  • 04. We promote quality outcomes. (推動優質的學習成果)
  • 05. We encourage children to learn through play and fun. (鼓勵小朋友寓學習於娛樂)
  • 06. We believe children are in-born explorers. (助長每一位孩子的探索求真精神)
  • 07. We love and respect children. (愛與尊重每一位孩子)
  • 08. We care for individual needs. (每位小孩子都是獨一無二的,要關顧每一位的不同需要)
  • 09. We practise Christian ethical principles. (奉行基督教的道德原則)
  • 10. We create a hygienic and healthy environment. (為每位小孩子提供整潔的學習環境)
  • Our Team

    Angela Iu

    Jolly Phonics Trainer


    Director of Crisyland sine 2006.

    Angela Lau

    Angela is the Head Teacher of Crisyland.

    Mr Manho Hui

    Registerd Social Worker

    Ms Lesley



    - Partner school of Jolly Learning

    英國Jolly Learning認可伙伴學校

    Jolly Learning 官方網站


    JKA (Jolly Phonics導師專業協會)

    Jolly Phonics 喬樂英語拼音法,源於英國發展超過30多年時間,早以深受家長愛戴。其有關教材更應用到全球超過100多個國家幼兒教育機構,因為學習成果十分卓越,孩子們又可以非常輕鬆愉快地學習,建議為子女在吸收「最徍時期」建立自學英語能力,令家長可以少一份擔憂。Miss Angela是 JKA導師專業協會認可培訓師。

    - Hong Kong registered school, Registration No. 587001

    教育局註冊學校,註冊編號: 587001


    Our System is comprised of experienced partners with local schools who respond aggressively to the educational needs of the local students.


    Institute of Advanced Learning(IAL): Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Playgroup Tutoring - Subject: Jolly Phonics

    香港專上教育學院幼兒早期敎育遊戲導師專業文憑-Jolly Phonics科

    我們現在或曾舉辦的Jolly Phonic分享工作坊:

    - 香港培正小學(幼稚園) 教師工作坊

    - 宏廣幼稚園教師工作坊

    - Jolly Phonics家長工作坊 (在圓方商場的Metrobooks內)

    - 德寶國際幼兒學校教師工作坊

    - 基督教宣道會太和幼稚園教師工作坊

    - 基督教宣道會茵怡幼稚園教師工作坊

    - 大埔浸信會幼稚園運頭塘邨分校教師工作坊

    - 香港教育學院匯豐幼兒發展中心(ECLC) 教師工作坊

    曾舉辦的Tofel Junior預備班:

    - 香港中文大學校友會聯會張煊昌中學托福試(Tofel Junior)預備班


    Rooney Yeung (聖公會莫壽增會督中學 中一)

    - I usually chat with everyone by Cantonese, and seldom use English. But in every lesson in Crisyland, the teacher needs us to read English passages, and talk with classmates in English. Although one lesson only takes up one hour in one week, I think it is a precious chance for me to practise English oral skills. Now I can speak English quite fluently, Crisyland really helps me a lot!

    - 平時同任何人傾計,我都係用廣東話,甚少用英文。但係每次係Crisyland上堂個陣,老師會訓練我地用英文讀文章,同埋要求我地要用英文傾計。雖然時間好少,但我認為係一個珍貴既機會去練習用英文溝通。Crisyland係我英文oral方面幫左我好多。