About Our Course

Many of our classes are taught using the Jolly Learning programme. It is a fun, British phonics programme, starting with learning the English sounds and advancing as the students grow.

多數Crisyland的課程,特別是3-7歲幼童的課程,都沿用英國Jolly Learning的課程。Jolly Phonics是有趣的拼音課程,由學習Jolly Phonics的42個單音開始,這個重要的英語基礎也能隨著學童的成長也會日益躍進。

Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics are classes suitable for students approximately ages 3 to 6 years old to learn the basic sounds of the English language.

Jolly Phonics英國英語拼音課程適合三至六歲的孩童去學習英語的基本發音。

Guided Reading A-Z

Guided Reading classes are focused on improving reading skills, which includes correct pacing, good intonation and correct word usage and fluency

導向式閱讀A-Z 著重提升學童的閱讀技巧,從中掌握英語的節奏感和正確語調,使幼童說英語更『字正腔圓』;同時教學 童將學到的英文生字恰當用於句子中,達到學以致用的果效。

Jolly Grammar

The next stage after Jolly Phonics. It provides easy to use resources for the systematic teaching of spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary for next four years.

基於Jolly Phonics的基礎上,在未來四年,小朋友透過有系統的學習架構更容易掌握拼寫字詞、英語語法、標點運用,並學習大量新詞彙。

All Courses

  • Jolly Phonics 3-6 歲
  • Jolly Grammar 5-8歲
  • Oral and listening P.1-P.2
  • Comprehension Skills P.1-P.2
  • Guided Reading
  • Storytelling
  • Presentation Skills
  • Oxford University Press Course
  • - Comprehension & Writing
  • 協辦課程 - Ied 萬里行教育學院
  • 協辦課程 – I Can Code
  • 協辦課程 - 小麥草日語教室
  • 分校課程 – 功課輔導班
  • 分校課程 – 專科強化班


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