Class arrangements 課堂安排

- Crisyland endeavours to provide classes at any age and ability appropriate level.


- Crisyland reserves the right to assign teachers, classrooms, and times of the courses where necessary.


- Classes will be held in accordance to our pre-arranged timetables.


- Parents/guardians should notify Crisyland 24 hours, or more in advance, and as soon as possible of any anticipated absence. Make-up classes will be provided accordingly within 60 days after the day of absence.


Arrival and Dismissal 上課及下課安排

Students should arrive 10 minutes early for classes, and they will only be dismissed at the end of the lessons.


Parents please stay at the outside of our centre to wait for your child/children to finish the lesson.


Please be punctual to pick up students at the end of each lesson.


Course Fees

-Course fees can be paid in cash or by cheque.


-Course fees must be paid before classes begin, at the time of enrollment, or the latest by the end of each fee-period for the current month.


-Course fees are calculated based on the number of hourly classes in each month.


-Official receipts should be kept for the fee-period for verification purposes.


Inclement Weather Arrangements 惡劣天氣下的課堂安排

Contingencies in Tropical Cyclone and Rainstorm Warning


When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above, or Black Rainstorm Signal is issued

1. 懸掛8號以上颱風及黑色暴雨訊號

Before opening hours : When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal Pre-No. 8 / No. 8 or above, or “Black” Rainstorm Warning is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, the centre will close.

教室開放前 : 本港天文台預警懸掛8號以上颱風或黑色暴雨訊號,所有教室將暫停開放。

In opening hours : When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or “Black” Rainstorm Warning is issued during classes:

教室開放後 : 課堂進行期間,如懸掛8號以上颱風或黑色暴雨訊號

A. Parents should pick up their children from the centre under safe conditions. 家長應在安全情況下,到教室接回子女。

B. Teachers on duty should arrange to release the students under safe conditions. Teachers on duty must wait all the students leaving the centre before they close and leave the centre. 當值老師應在安全情況下,才讓學生離開教室及處理所有學生安全離開教室後,當值老師才可關閉教室,最後一個安全離開。

Lowering of Signals

2. 除下8號風球及黑雨訊號

A. When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal is lowered or cancelled before 2:00pm, the centre will open as usual in 2 hours. 教室於開放時間下午2:00 pm 前除下訊號,所有教室將會於2小時後照常開放。

B. All staff and teachers are required to return to the centre within 2 hours. 所有職員及老師須於2小時內返回所屬教育中心或教室。

3. The above arrangement is for reference only. Parents should be advised that they should exercise their discretion in deciding whether or not to send their children to the centre at the time of inclement weather. 以上安排只作參考,在任何情況下,家長應考慮天氣、道路及交通安全情況下自行決定是否准許子女返回教室上課。

4. There will be a make-up lesson for any cancellation of classes under the inclement weather. Please approach the centre to arrange the make-up lesson. 因惡劣天氣影響而被取消的課堂,將作另行安排補堂。

Please contact Crisyland (2665-0628) for the resumption of classes and further queries. Any consequent make-up classes are at the discretion of Crisyland. 請聯絡本中心(2665 0628),無論是安排補課或任何相關查詢。本中心擁有所有的補堂安排最終決定權。
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