Jolly Grammar

Grammar is the next stage after Jolly Phonics. It provides easy to use resources for the systematic teaching of spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary for the next four years. With the Jolly Grammar Pupil Book children can build upon reading and writing skills they learnt with Jolly Phonics, and begins to learn the rudiments of grammar in action.

學習Jolly Phonics後就進入下一個階段 —— Jolly Grammar(英文文法)。Jolly Grammar是基於Jolly Phonics的基礎上,在未來四年,小朋友透過有系統的學習架構更容易掌握拼寫字詞、英語語法、標點運用,並學習大量新詞彙。課堂中再配合Jolly Grammar作業簿,小孩逐步由Jolly Phonics學懂的基礎上,再建立閱讀技巧和寫作技巧,同時開始由Jolly Grammar的一套獨有動作開始掌握入門的英語文法。

Who can join?

Age 4 to 8 Children, 四至八歲學童