Jolly Phonics

The objective for Jolly Phonics is to help children understand the sounds of each alphabet and apply it to their reading with various stories and songs. Jolly Phonics does not only help them in reading but also in SPEAKING, WRITING, BLENDING and PRONOUNCING various amounts of words, as long as they understand each sound and the blending skill.

Jolly Phonics的目的是協助小朋友理解每個英文字母所代表的發音(sounds),然後學習拼合(blending)。當小孩掌握了Jolly Phonics每個英文字母的發音和拼讀技巧後,他們不單能提升閱讀能力,同時也提升說話能力、寫作能力和拼合技巧,甚至能準確拼讀大量英文生字,小孩就可以將拼合技巧應用於讀故事和聽歌詞。

Who can join?

Age 3 to 6 Children, 三至六歲學童