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The Best Skills For Your Kids

Crisyland is happy to announce two new courses. Each course will be 8-10 week-long. The class will focus on introductary skills, new vocabulary and the presentation of a story or self-introduction, depending on the age group. These elements are essential for the students preparing and doing to interviews.

The target of each courses is to encourage the students to speak up and be more confident in English. Interview questions will be trained on repetition to make students comfortable and confident in answering during interviews.

Oral and listening skills will also be introduced to help students to understand and take the initiative to speak in English.






Crisyland 新課程。 每個課程為期 8-10 週。 課程將側重於面試技能、新詞語以及故事的呈現或自我介紹,具體取決於年齡組。 這些元素對於準備和參加面試的學生來說是必不可少的。

 Courses' Details 課程詳情

Course Fees 費用
  • To P.1 | 升小一  ($220/60Mins)     

  • To S.1 | 升中一  ($240/60Mins)     

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