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English Enhancement Course (Comprehension Grammar + Writing)

This course aims at training students with 4 basic skills on
Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Writing and Presentation for K1 to P6 students. Besides, this course is ideal for those K3 students who may not fully cope with the
changing environment and better prepare them for forthcoming
challenges from Kindergarten to Primary levels


本課程旨在針對K1 至P6 的學生,訓練他們在聽、
說、讀、寫4方面的能力。此外,本課程針對 K3

 Courses' Details 課程詳情

Course Fees 費用

  • P.1 to P.2 | 小一至小二 ($220/60Mins)

  • P.3 to P.4 | 小三至小四 ($230/60Mins)

  • P.5 to P.6 | 小五至小六 ($240/60Mins)

Note 備注

  • ​教材需另外購買         

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