Jolly Phonics 
Jolly Grammar

Jolly Phonics 英式英語拼音班

適合年級:K.1 至 K.3

The class will be conducted in a fun and interactive manner as a mean to introduce phonics and blending to young students. Multi-sensory elements such as singing and games will be implemented in class to motivate students in learning. Students will be trained on multiple modalities including speaking, listening, reading, and writing through fun activities.

透過輕鬆互動的模式來讓學童學習英語 的基本發音和拼讀技巧。課堂包括多種元 素,例如以唱歌和遊戲來讓學童更有動力 學習。課程會利用不同的活動去訓練學童 讀、寫、聽、說的技巧。
全港五位官方認可 國際 Jolly Phonics 專業導師之一 擁有三十年教授英語經驗 

Jolly Grammar 英語文法班

適合年級:K.2 至 P.1
- As an advanced stage following Jolly Phonics, this class offers opportunities for students to learn English language forms and spelling rules. Besides consolidation on knowledge from Jolly Phonics, this class incorporates multi-modalities to create a systematic and fun environment to facilitate student’s learning of English grammar.


- 按照 Jolly Phonics 的基礎去教導學童拼寫 字詞、英語語法以及標點運用的技巧。除了鞏 固學童的Jolly Phonics知識,導師也會利用不 同的元素來有系統地協助學童學習英語。 

Jolly Readers 拼讀班

適合年級:K.1 至 P.6
- The class provides a wide range of books published by Jolly Learning in 4 levels for students to apply their phonics skills learned in the Jolly Phonics class. Corresponding exercises will be provided for students in each session to allow them practice applying phonics skills.

- Jolly Readers 是一套包含英語拼音元素的 英文書藉,分為四個程度,呼應在Jolly Phonics所學到的知識和技巧。課堂上的 活動和練習可讓學童更加了解書本的內 容和更熟練的應用拼寫技巧。

全港只有五位官方認可Jolly Phonics Trainer,以上課程由Trainer - Ms Angela Iu督導, 

*學習42個基本發音及寫法 *混合拼音 *識別單詞發音 *拼寫搗蛋單詞(tricky words)